Garrett MacDonald

Berlin, Germany




My current objective is to utilize the knowledge of bitcoin and blockchain technology gained from my past ventures to cause systemic positive change in the world. I currently work at the intersection of blockchain and energy, which will be one of the first domains which is massively impacted by blockchain.

Garrett is a driven technologist who founded the first tokenized-equity company in 2012. With an investment of bitcoins from the initial token holders, he grew the organisation to become the first industrial size mining operation. Garrett has built blockchain infrastructure architecture and token models for leading financial institutions and startups in Europe, Asia, North America, and New Zealand and founded a Tokenomics and Securitisation Company. He has worked as the Director of Cryptoeconomics at the Energy Web Foundation, where he has met hundreds of startups and partnered with top energy organizations around the world to develop blockchain infrastructure for the energy market.


  1. Director of Cryptoeconomics

    Boulder, CO, USA & Berlin, Germany Energy Web Foundation
    January  2017 - Present
    • Token economics expert, leading the design and integration of a sustainable economic model for the Energy Web Foundation, while ensuring its technical feasibilty and legal compliance.
    • Developing the core business, blockchain architecture, and ecosystem around the Energy Web blockchain whie working alongside the world's leading energy companies and climate experts
    • Specialist in Blockchain technology as applied to energy, cryptography focus
    • Working with regulators, governments, corporations, and startups to implement this technology in real-world systems
  2. Token Economist

    Global Cryptodex
    June  2017 - Present
    • Designing sustainable token-economic models for many of the most successful companies in the blockchain ecosystem.
    • Designing blockchain architecture, and implementing it for corproates and startups wishing to utilize the technology.
  3. Resident Blockchain Expert

    Berlin, Germany German Technology Entrepreneurship Center
    November  2015 - January 2017
    • Working closely with startup companies from around Europe, advising fintech startups and consulting for fellow VCs prospecting investments in the blockchain space.
    • Specialist in Bitcoin, and Blockchain Development and Integration
  4. Founder

    Bozeman, MT, USA Gary Foundation

    October 2014 - Present

    • A 501c3 nonprofit, The Gary Foundation aims to cure Chondrosarcoma, the cancer that took my father.
    • Provides grants to research projects and assistance to affected families in need.
  5. Founder

    Bozeman, MT, USA Cognitive Inc.
    March 2014 - November 2015
    • Cognitive Inc. provided services in the Cryptocurrency industry, including blockchain design, Mining (SHA-256d) ASIC design, currency trading, and management consulting.
  6. Founder & CEO

    Coeur d'Alene, ID, USA Cognitive Mining LLC
    March 2012 - April 2014
    • In March of 2012, my IPO sold out within three days, initially raising 2500 bitcoins, which at the time was just over $12,000 USD.
    • I grew the company from a total $50,000 investment to a market cap of over one million dollars in less than two years.
    • Cognitive was publicly traded on three online bitcoin exchanges, and commonly regarded as the best of all the assets on said exchanges.
    • I designed ASIC hardware specifically for mining bitcoin, managed negotiations on seven-figure deals, and ultimately exceeded the expectations set in all of my agreements.
  7. Bitcoin Subprojects

    • Bitcoin Mining Bond Issuance Company -- Synergy Mining
    • Bitcoin Dispenser - Gave free bitcoins to new users
    • Bitcoin Mining Pool Development - Stabilized mining payouts from a large degree of randomness to a steady, daily stream.
    • Arbitrage. Lots and lots of arbitrage. The bitcoin markets were extremely volatile.
  8. Machinist, Technologist

    AMI Machining, Inc.
    June 2009 - December 2012
    Hayden, ID, USA
  9. As soon as I was of age (14), my neighbor John Grimm hired me to work in his extremely high-tech diemaking shop, AMI Machining, where I operated various electron discharge machines.

    • Learned much about diverse varieties of metals and how to cut them down to the hundred-thousandths of an inch using electron discharge machining technologies.
    • Performed various tasks, varying from petty chores to managing network infrastructure to operating million dollar machinery where one wrong keystroke can disable a machine for months.



  1. Berlin School of Mind and Brain, Humboldt University
    February 2016 (Audit)
    • Cognitive Science
    • Philosophy <-> Neuroscience
  2. Montana State University
    September 2013 -January 2014 (One Semester)
    • Honors College Member
    • Philosophy
    • Computer Science
    • Business
    • Aviation
  3. Stanford University
    August 2012 -October 2012 (Certificate Program)
    • Cryptography I
    • Cryptography II
  1. Coeur d' Alene High School
    September 2009 -June 2013 (High School Diploma)
    • FIRST Robotics: Lead Designer, Lead Driver, and Programmer
    • Crew/Rowing: Four-year Varsity Letterman and three-year Captain
    • Senior thesis: The Controversy of Automated Intelligence